NPA combines photographic tours with photographic workshops for a fresh ADVENTURE!

The Story

The Big Picture and a Creative High.

vKevin Vandivier first explored photography in high school after his dad had suggested it to him as a possible career choice. Being a lover of the outdoors Vandivier started his college education at Stephen F. Austin studying Wildlife Game Management. Then one fateful summer he took an elective, "Wildlife Photography"... Everything changed! He transferred to The University of Texas to study Photojournalism where he received his degree in 1983. 

Vandivier Landed his first assignment with National Geographic Society while in college shooting a story on Japanese Snow Monkeys. Upon graduation he accepted a position at the Dallas Times Herald Newspaper as a photojournalist. Vandivier enjoyed learning from some of the best in the business. He would enjoy the wide range of special assignments given to him including shooting stories on Navy Fighter Pilots, Ranchers in West Texas, Professional Football, Volcanoes and more.

Feeling restless under the thumb of an employer, Vandivier left the paper to continue his freelance career he had started while in college, picking right up where he had left off, shooting assignments for National Geographic Society, along with Life Magazine, Newsweek, USA Today, Texas Monthly and many more. 

Then one day a woman walked into the room who he recognized as his future wife based on a dream he had of her nine years prior to this meeting. Soon they were married and began creating a family immediately. They would be blessed with five children. Knowing he should no longer accept assignments in the Middle East covering conflict for Newsweek or chasing hurricanes for Life Magazine, Vandivier changed the focus of his assignments for the safety of many top corporations  including AT&T, IBM, Exxon and many more. 

Texas Highways Magazine offered Vandivier the position of Photography Editor for the award winning magazine.  Ready for something new He took the position and flourished for a short while winning many photo editing awards and lifting the magazine to new heights it had never before enjoyed in awards, revenue and subscriptions. Soon though, as he did in his newspaper days, Feeling he had achieved his goals and a bit restless Vandivier decided he was just plain unemployable and left the magazine to return to Freelance Photography and started a new business called Texas Photo Workshops. Vandivier's desire was to teach others what he had learned over the last  30 years shooting professionally through leading them on photographic tours and photographic workshops. TPW recently was rebranded as National Photographic Adventures and retired from assignment photography to pursue developing his own line of fine art photography, seen at "The V Gallery"(

The new adventure company brought a new vision. Vandivier wanted to help photographers learn to see the photo before they shot it. Helping to develop the "Minds Eye" of another photographer is something Vandivier takes very seriously. He also wants to help photographers understand how to communicate with photos, rather than hoping one day to be a "one shot wonder". He wants his clients to know how to tell the story of an amazing location with both "The Big Picture" and a series of mini photo essays. One of the greatest joys pro photographers get to experience is seeing their photos printed in the pages of a magazine. Part of the experience of each adventure NPA offers is printing a professionally designed and printed edition, using the best images from clients captures after attending their favorite trip. Little is cooler than having a magazine sitting on your coffee table when friends see it with your images  along with others  in the magazine. It's a creative high rarely matched!