West Texas Photographic Adventures

Last Of The Rugged West

The rugged landscapes of West Texas will take all back to a time where cowboys ruled the west and mother nature ruled the cowboys! 

The landscapes of West Texas will make you feel that you might have landed on Mars. You just never know what you will get in this part of the world. Chances are good you might run into a bear or mountain lion. Over head hawks and eagles cruise the skies. At night the skies are completely free from skyglow. The stars are incredibly bright and countless. 

Both Big Bend State Park and National Park offer up the majesty of West Texas!

The Exciting Highlights

Everything starts with a fellowship dinner to get to know each other and hear from your professional photographic mentor. 

The plan is for all photographers to help tell the story of West Texas Borderlands, Big Bend, Santa Elena Canyon, Rio Grande River, etc., through incredible photography. The best of everyones photos will be published to tell this story in National Photographic Magazine, of which participants will receive several copies to show off to their friends and family.  

After dinner, all will head out to photograph  the stars over Texas at the historic Contrabando in Big Bend State Park. 

Each day your pro mentor will show you the best landscape locations to shoot. Everyone will also be given assignments to shoot, guided by your award winning pro mentor. 

This adventure is not just about helping you capture great photos, but to give you the experience of what professional photojournalist go through while on assignment, including the reward of seeing the best of your work in print.

Dates, Cost and General Info

Your Pro for this Adventure will be Kevin Vandivier. Kevin has shot multiple assignments for National Geographic Society, Life Magazine, Texas Monthly, Etc. Kevin also is the former Photography Editor for Texas Highways Magazine.

We will conduct this Adventure March 28-April 1, 2018

This Adventure is $1495 which includes instructor fees and magazine production/printing.

We will be basing our workshop at the historic Lajitas Golf Resort in Lajitas, Texas. Here is a link to their website… https://www.lajitasgolfresort.com/default.aspx?pg=accommodations 

The Activity Level will be light/moderate. The Experience level for this Adventure will be Light Intermediate-Advanced

CALL NOW FOR MORE INFO OR TO SIGN UP, 512-636-7134. Only 7 spots are available.